One of the things which can make or break your SEO campaign is content. It has been said many times that content is king. What you write and how you write it makes a lot of difference. This is why on the periodic table of SEO success, the first thing you will see is content quality. If you have your content right, you will have won half the battle already. You will have a solid foundation which will support all your SEO efforts.

Quality of your content

Are you producing content with quality? Or are you just producing content so that your website will have something on it? If your website deals with selling services or products, you should do more than just sell to people. You should write more than just messages telling people how great your product is. They want value and they want to know what is in it for them.

Everyone is busy and we all have work to do so you must give your site visitors reason enough to stay on your page for more than just a few seconds. Give them real value. Do not focus on your company or how excellent your product is. Focus on the reader and just how easier their lives will be with your product’s help.

Content is not the place to get cheap. You need time and effort to do research and write a great piece. This is the cornerstone of your SEO endeavor so make sure that you do it right the first time.


Before you start writing your piece, you must research first. To stand out from the rest, you must be the authority on what you are writing about. You cannot expect people to trust you when you do not even know what you are writing about. Aside from obvious reasons, research must also be done to ensure that you have the right keywords. You need to know what people type on search queries in order to help your page get on the first page of the search results when they look for products which are similar to yours.

Use of keywords

After doing your keyword research right, you need to figure out when, where and how to use the keywords in your content. Or if you have already written something prior to doing keyword research, you need to edit your material. The bottom line is, if you want your pages to be found for particular words, it is best that you use the exact words on your material.

However, you should not get carried away and stuff your articles or blog posts with keywords. Experts agree that a keyword density of 2.45% works best. Keep in mind though that this alone will not guarantee success. What you want to do is have the proper number of keywords for your site to be found during searched while avoiding getting penalized for having so many keywords. Use your common sense and think about the words people most often use when searching for similar products.