Everyone is concerned with Google rankings. In a world where there is so much competition and there is a wide variety of companies vying for the attention of customers, ranking high in Google search is very important. There are many factors which determine the rankings of a site in Google and one of them is the domain name.

Some time ago there were concerns and there was a public outcry regarding Google’s statement that those who buy established domain names will be losing all the links to the domain. It is like purchasing a domain in 2013 only to find out that all links to the domain prior to the date it was bought will be effectively lost.  Only the links made after the purchase will have merit or credit.

What is the reason for this? A lot of companies and entities were purchasing old domains simply because of the fact that they had several links and they could use these links to boost their site’s rankings on Google.  The main reason for the rollout was because Google wanted to level the playing field. It would be quite unfair for a lot of other companies which are not buying old domain names.

No Credit for Those Who Buy Expired Domains

If you have plans of purchasing an old domain name simply for the reason of getting credit, you can say goodbye to your plans now. I do not mean to dash your hopes and dreams but doing so will not get you anywhere.

No Credit for Domains & Redirecting Links

Have you seen a nice domain with some links? Are you thinking of purchasing that domain to get the credits? This tactic is also not going to work.  Google will also look at the date when the domain was purchased and take note of the redirection. Google, I am sorry to say, are quote watchful when domains change names. Historic links made before the domain change names will not be counted when the domain change names. If you think you are clever, think again because Google is definitely cleverer.

Likely Credit for Buying Domains & Not Disrupting the Site

If you are thinking of buying an active site and then continuing the site’s business as usual, you will be very happy to know that you are likely to get credit.  Although the domain registration might have changed, there is a very good chance that credit will also continue.

Likely Credit for Acquisition

If one company is purchased by another there should be no problem at all. There is no clear cut explanation for this and how Google differentiates a transfer from an acquisition but one thing is for sure, credits will continue.

Lastly, there are some people who are asking if the length of the domain registration matters. There are rumors going around that Google tends to trust registered domain names which are longer. As a matter of fact, some companies have even claimed this. Although Google did not release any official statement about this, it seems to be true.